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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 18, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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tomorrow. lou: good evening. one nation prevailed to assert its interest in the summit in northern ireland and it was not united states. today's of talks of g8 and one hour discussion between obama and coots and on syria to turn out to be an embarrassment for the president. russian president and syrian ally successfully blocked @%e final statement from including a call for syrian president to step down and threatened veto of the the g8 condemnation after he insisted there is approved
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this syrian regime used chemical weapons against his own people and the obama white house claims it did. the foreign policy looks increasingly muddled and confuse particularly in most urgently on the issue. but it may be hawkish announcement it would send small arms to the rebels some of whom have dangerous ties to al qaeda but in the interview taped on sunday president obama said it had not changed his policy at all. and not to help with the syrian civil war. >> it is not easy to slip slide your way because it is now working immediately, then six months from now people say you give
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the hovey all -- artillery now we need this now we need this. because intel he is defeated in this view it will never be enough. right? lou: so for now the president is convinced to offer aid that is beginning to add up. obama pledges another $300 million of humanitarian assistance that will be send to the people and with refugees of neighboring countries that brings the money given to 800 million most committed over the past two months and any resolution in syria will haveeto wwit until the peace talks which have been scheduled for next month in geneva and i guess. and now with interest to grow -- government programs
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cast in a new light. keith alexander in front of the chief intelligence committee today projected the mission to protect the people and rapids and positive results. chief intelligence correspondent has our report. >> reading from a prepared statement keith alexander made as a case that sweeping data collection is justified. >> these programs of other intelligence from terrorist threats across the globe to help prevent the potential terrorist events over 50 times since then 11. >> whether e--ail or phone calls are texting they had outside approval. >> is if spying today are having spied on american citizens?
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>> we do not target u.s. persons without a specific court warrant. >> the decision is made internally. >> goal made 20 analyst for a total of 22 people are authorized to approve numbers that could be used on the database. >> witnesses cited the disruption of the new york city subway plot, the attack on the new york stock exchange and also one tied to tear groups in pakistan. as far as the phone records of the patriot act witnesses said it is more complicated. >> specifically case by case how many were those programs essentials? >> you ask almost the impossible question how important each was.
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>> and with a critical surveillance role in them by a terrorist attack for more than 400 people killed or wounded also the takedown of the new york subway plot relied heavily on british intelligence and monitoring of the suspicious e-mail account when questioned if the phone companies could hold records rather than the u.s. government with. >> the fbi and u.s. i have the architectural framework how we do this program. >> to investigate that potential restructuring was plots in the u.s. on the 10 out of 50 had a domestic connection communications but now records accounts for the intelligence of the destructive attacks now they are considering bills to let the sa collection on americans. lou: thank you karen. our chief intelligence
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correspondent. and my first guest tonight says general alexander provided the first true meaningful defense on the agency and joining as now is former federal prosecutor leading the prosecution of the 1993 world trade center bombers also authors of the grant g. hyde and spring fever. and to make a compelling case even in the hearing rooms that committee was growing up a little. we did not hear the congressman giving that valuable advice but it seemed a little much your. >> you have an adult who was
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an incomplete ommand of the facts to make the most compelling defense but i don't think it is enough because i don't think it is like a bully pulpit today general alexander is not the president and they do need the defense of the oval office and specifically obama. lou: the president's defense of his administration and ageecy rose to use this level. he thought it was pretty transparent. what does he need to say tt be effective. >> anything is transparent because after five years with the opacity of this administration transparent is more of a joke than @%ything that would be effective with discourse. >> he needs to explain my general alexander did, why we need these programs and what the structural civil liberties protection are
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because the runaway freight train his people who are opposed to the programs and saw the issue as a way for what they lost when the patriots back to was authorized or overhauled had stolen the narrative. basically having people think the intelligence community is actively spying on americans. lou: i think today if i am correct $0.2 a higher level of maturity on the committee, perhaps they always have the reenforcing value of the national media it given the politics of the matter. so hopefully we will see more attention paid to take up the time to lead the effort to protect the country and its infrastructure. let's turn to the g8 summit the president waaked away
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slapped around by vladimir pretend it was -- what american and a dismal performance. >> you ideological purpose -- regressive as a way to conduct foreign policy is not to be guided by our own interest but to be part of the world community in which we basically recruit countries that are hostile to the united states including russia and not only in to the decisionmaking process but to give a veto over the actions we wish to take. this is the issue largely because we are living in a rock obama is world and this is the result. -ou: we will for some time and to take up talks with the taliban with the resolution of afghanistan
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this turns our history, our foreign policy on its head to lead to wear? >> where common sense takes you that the war has a winner and loser if you are not in it to win it, you lose and a lot of what has gone on with the president's speech how he is declaring the war with it -- is over without having to do the hard work, what we see now is they try to address this up into something other than a humiliating defeat for the united states that is very much contraddctory to our interest going forward. lou: andrew mccarthy. good to have you with us. next we will turn to the issue of the day a key milestone of the tokyo war of afghanistan. president carter site will be formally taking over from
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the nato coalition combat forces are moving into a supportive role before the full list all in the year and after just a few miles from where cars i was speaking a deadly bomb blast killed three afghans in just 100- handover comes over the same day it has announced plans with the afghan government. >> senator lindsay gramm says the republican party is headed for a death spiral if it does not support of a gang of eight. and the questions we will ask the chairman. the whistle-blower of the state department scandal says investigators are trying to bully her. next.
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the. lou: another good day on wall street. stocks posting strong gains as the fed kicked off the two day policy meeting dow jones industrial average moving 35 points and the nasdaq gained 30 and volume at 1 billion shares and consumer price is kicking up slightly rising one-tenth of a percent in housing starts up less than expected and up from 7% in may. gold fell $16 closing below $69 an ounce and setting act 9844 a barrel of bias in
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september. the yield on the 10 year in new developments tonight and the state department whistle-blower exposed the alleged and then for doing so according to a new report of foreign olicy magazine that says a former state department desiccator had them camp out in front of her house to harass her children. the of the campaign started last week when the whistle-blower that handed over documents to cbs news to influence or manipulated or investigations of misconduct including sexual assault assault, prostitution and drugs. with the irs intimidation scandal elisha cummings defied house oversight committee chairman darrell i said to reflect -- released
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the interview of the irr employee and blasted cummings that after unsuccessfully trying to convince the american people that officials in washington did not play a role in screening to declare a national television for the case of irs targeting was solved and congress should move on, this looks flailing it will now serve as a road map for other irs officials to navigate investigative interviews with congressional investigators. immigration reform, a big topic on capitol hill as they discuss measures to fix our broken immigration system and mike emmanuel with our report. >> and emotional disruption as a house judiciary committee authorizing state and local police to enforce
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immigration laws the most contentious of all the bills in the house. >> we trust them to enforce laws from capitol murder to shoplifting and everything in between. >> we could trust them to enforce immigration laws. >> it would lead to racial profiling an unccnstitutional arrest. >> and millions of citizens taken this week to protect members of their family and community that it would incur. >> than those cracking down. >> and reset in the same tube -- with them and work in the same community with them. don't criminalize them. with those democrats that will discuss immigration reform with a giant banner
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tomorrow. >> any reform bill ought to have a majority of both parties support if we are serious about making that lot. >> it will require tougher security measures and it took up an amendment requiring construction of 700 miles of double there fence along the southern border before eligible immigrants could apply for the green card. >> it is important in my view we have a tangible way in which we make it very clear was people coming to the country illegally. >> it failed with of gang of eight opponents but the cbo released this core of the plan and cbo concluded would boost economic growth, cut the deficit short-term and long-term as well and they are calling it a huge momentum boost booz allen hamilton key mike emmanuel.
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lou: joining us now to assess the number of issues that are important to the republican party and its future is issues like immigration of foreign policy, national security joined by the chairman of the rnc, reince priebus. >> it is nice to be in the studio. >> a delight to have leo -- to have you. >> with the elephant behind me. [laughter] lou: let's start with your spokesman. you have senator john mccain senator lindsay gramm beating drums loudly with the military intervention in syria. 70 percent of the people say don't even think about it mr. president. are they representing the
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republican party? >> the national security is something that i have to tell you, it is not a place that we dived into a whole common thread is theis a president isn't bleeding and his yes is not a yes and he is not decisive. when he is pushed into military intervention of weapons or support by a comment might -- made by bill clinton. and the next few days the president came out and said now we will go into syria but the problem is dabbling in to anything is problematic. >> one with think the republican party and a conservative would stand up for conservative values. >> we are up here it -- a
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party of freedom and always believe what reagan said peace through strength should be a hallmark of this country. llu: the operative word? >> establishing freedom around the world is something of a cornerstone of this country. lou: are you saying to me we have just taken on the responsibility of freedom? >> of course not. but i do think as president of the united states, you have to exhibit strength it is yes and sometimes no but playing both sides of the fence and coming out in favor of some support after a former president criticizes, shows exactly where this president is at. >> the last time charlie rose reversed his position.
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>> he is devolving on nsa now he tries to bring bush. lou: talk about marco rubio. >> you are on fire tonight. lou: here he is. the world watches over me. [laughter] to talk about how great the bill is then personally saying the border security is too light and it will not work and drove not pass. >> i think he is being consistent. lou: i cannot wait to hear this. [laughter] >> but the fact is if you don't get the border security piece rates, it is a truce. free had comprehensive immigration reform and standpoints that we agree and if you have no ability to secure the border what will happen in a few years? if we have no secure border
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in we are negotiating over a five-year penalty why not make it for? as of 14 make it 10? in the end you have no secure border you have nothing in the end. lou: if ever one -- anyone preaching to the acquired it is you. let me bring to your attention the third amendment for security on the border was defeated by the gang of eight and a grassley amendment with significant security and the real deal was defeated with the votes of all members of the gang of eight. does anybody republican democrat when we say pay attention to history? in 2006 it there could have been a bill passed into law. but those senators primarily and the president tried to game the issue.
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we're watthing the same thing unfold and those folks watching are going to vote in significant numbers and they are tired. >> so why doesn't the republican party do it? >> you have a democratic controlled senate and a republican controlled house but you have a common denominator and marco rubio is out there in those people believe we need immigration reform in this country. it is a no-brainer so now you have republicans like marco rubio leading on this issue clearly. lou: what is the point*? >> unless you have of focus on the border security peace lou: you are focused? are you kidding me? marco rubio voted against it. lindsay gramm.
7:29 pm
>> on one piece. lou: to pieces. >> maybe there's something wrong with those. >> they say without border security it does not work. intellectually isn't that inconsistent? maybe now with politics. >> there may be multiple answers. lou: we only have time for one. >> you will get a bill out of the senate and you will have the border security piece to be beefed up by the republican controlled house and these people made calculations for what it would take to pass the bill out of the senate and send the bill to the house and deal with the issues of what we are talking about. >> i don't know why they want to make it complicated but we will figure that out later. lou: we will figure it out. [laughter] lindsay gramm says the g.o.p. is in a death spiral
7:30 pm
if you don't buy into the gang of a deal but meanwhile that representatives in the house are pushing for for individual disk rebuilds the that makes sense so why in the world is the republican party buying in to the proposition which is so light on security and by the way undefined in terms of its reach that at best is a tough seel? >> it will not be a tough sell because it will get to the house. lou: the death spiral? >> no. we are a long way from the bill to be complete. once it gets to the house.3 lou: of the votes do not appeer as lindsay gramm suggested, it fails and the prospect the g.o.p. is in a death spiral. >> i don't think that is true. look at congressman appears. >> we're in a death spiral
7:31 pm
either way. [laughter] you have success republicans of all sides of the issue to make the case to all americans whether hispanic, african-american and, white, . >> how many meetings have been held on immigration reform? >> i don't know. i don't keep a tally. lou: it is not a big issue with you guys but i pay attention. they haven't had any. that is a shame. we would like them to come into a republican sponsored town hall meeting to express themselves. >> i have been a part of them and held them and conducted them. i will be there friday afternoon in santa ana. lou: we will be there. lou: i hope you keep doing them. >> i will be there. lou: because the last time
7:32 pm
the folks were squeezed out of the deal may be will be different and i hope it is because of your efforts. good to see you reince priebus. watched the house carefully. up here tomorrow trade goudy joins us and former national intelligence director negroponte on why isn't the president defending the nsa? and why are he congressmen and senators attacking him? send us your favorite nickname for president obama when you think of scandals, what do you think of a rock obama? e mail me your suggestions at or two facebook four twitter. more suggestions coming up later in the "chalk talk." stay with us. >> the markets make the triple digit swing and teddy weisberg is on the market. the head of the nsa says
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>> ieel grea >> announc: and that's not al will alsreceive 50 off anyl hair lossolution from hair clu call now! [♪...] when. lou: for more on the president's defense of the nsa surveillance program and the g8 summit i am joined by andrea than tarots and juan williams and great to have you with us. let's start with the nsa. we have heard for better than a week criticism and judgments on the nsa i have not heard the president to stand up and defend the agency and matt congress and republicans and democrats are being careful.
7:37 pm
by? >> i think a lot of republicans and democrats were not appropriately briefed on the program. obama has failed to argue his ccse to the american people and i am shocked that charlie rose called for a national conversation and basically it is a monologue but. lou: and to get closer? >> he knoww this is a real problem and it hits to the crux of the base because they are very upset with him being hypocritical on this surveillance issue. he tries to offer the fire is a court defense -- fisa request only 11 were denied? it seems like a rubber stamp and out of control. >> i could not disagree more i think when she says the congress has not been briefee i think they have totally been briefed and it
7:38 pm
is essential. i do not want to get blown up but they should have had this debate when they passed to the pager back there are a lot of sectors in those who signed the of blank check and those who say i do not know who was involved but this is something we have known about for years. go back through 2006 so what i think is a revelation without heart is an extension for that t2 court to continue to do what they have been doing for some time. the idea they look for patterns among data is not a surprise and i would be surprised if they were not doing it to. >> patterns among who? they're not surveiling the mosque. they take in all this information. i am okay with surveillance i was okay with the patriot act, moderate levels and in
7:39 pm
ordinary times and this is fine if used successfully bullet at boston and times square and the issue bomber. if it will not work then i want my freedom back. >> that is not fair. what we've heard today from the intelligence people there are 50 or more instances this. >> trusts the government? >> then don't trust them. we know what happened we know about instances where al qaeda programs have been thwarted by intelligence program. >> was not intelligence it was citizens on the street and a man running us stand in times square that said he would blow up the street and somebody else said he would put his underwear on fire. >> that is just was the lone hock to go out but there is a systematic program in place with congressional oversight, a good republican
7:40 pm
mike rogers said he has been briefed and senate intelligence said the same thing now they are covering their bets because they are embarrassed but they knew. lou: as you watch these folks testify with law enforcement agencies are anti-terrorism agencies, they have many of them in uniform every time i see these they have a full-time working to protect us they are tryyng to dissect to iterally sucks the time out of the lives and careers of these officers who were leaving these agencies rather than focusing how to counteract the chinese, stops the cyber attacks. this is one of the most
7:41 pm
carefully played in espionage acts in our country's history. it blew away a presidential summit in california. up to me it is obvious he is working either for or the chinese government. >> it is too much of a coincidence of days after the short sleeve summit this is leaked in the midst of china being in the cross hairs for hacking into our most secret weapons systems. he is in china and then we hear about the russians so i do agree with your assessment but i am glad congress is taking that on but it doesn't seem this has been as transparent as they say. this secret fisa court is
7:42 pm
not called transparency but now there is the oversight board? that does not put my mind that these. >> we all want america protected. >> that is the face-off. [laughter] >> we're all americans and one the country protected i just don't like the way they play politics. a lot of the politicians right now are worried about the reaction from the american public especially the young people whose seem to think that edward snowden is a hero or a murder but who doesn't pay the price of imi i will tell you what i stand for in my principles but he runs to china? >> i do agree. >> that makes me suspicious. lou: date you very much. [laughter] we have had good ones so
7:43 pm
far. here are some of my favorites with this scandal president and it comes up on the "chalk tall". another volley style day will the chair send the right signal? we will talk to the head of seaport securities, a teddy weisberg, next. li this won't st forever [ tires screech ] here you go, honey. thank u. [ male announcer ] see your authorized dealer for anan incredible offeon the hirati c250 sport n. ♪
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and so too is the summer event. now get an incredle offer t powerl c250 sport sedan. but hurry before this opportunity...dippears. the mercedes-benz summ event ends soo lou: a majority of us hate our jobs are we have checked out according to a new gallup study. 70 percent of american workers are actively disengaged or going through the motions of their job. just 30 percent of workers are engaged, enthusiastic and committed to their work. gallup estimates the@
7:47 pm
actively disengaged costs the country as much as $550 billion each year. you are telling me this into earnings season? my next guest says the markets are held hostage by the fed and investors should not expect ben bernanke to have any changes of monetary policy tomorrow. joining us now is ted weisberg. federal reserve chairman effectively pushing the story out to the wall street journal promised clarity on tuesday and you are telling us he will not do anything? >> clarity from the fed? but that is impossible because they speak in terms that most of us don't understand. but clarity would be nice but i don't know how much more he could give us. he has put out there to ty policies to the unemployment
7:48 pm
rate and the inflation rate and there is basically no inflation and unfortunately the numbers don't seem to budge so i know what people are expecting. lou: it is interesting to watch crusade maybe they don't need 6.5 unemployment as the benchmark but because it is so stubborn maybe that means 7% or they will raise interest rates? when we get through with all of this come if the chairman of the fed does not offer clarity, his voice will be drowned out by his colleagues. >> that ii paul -- possible but the impossible situation for the markets because it will be even more confusing
7:49 pm
for the bottom line is as we speak at least the markets appear to be a hostage to use the fed. we have seen that since he gave testimony and as soon as he was sent to be released the minutes and there was said disagreement from what he said and what then minutes said. lou: what is happening to their shorts? they try to push the case on business networks with various publications. if it did not cost so much money for so many people it would be laughable. >> i am not sure there is a lot of sympathy but that could have to do with what is driving the market because once again going back at may 22nd because that was a watershed day with a big reversal aad it looked like the short term we have not gotten back to those levels but not quite yet.
7:50 pm
i think the shorts are struggling they have to buy them back and there is an expression he who sells what isn't goes to prison and the of bulls have the shorts running hard. >> they are doing pretty well. what about tomorrow? this is potential for bernanke toots disappoint other than what is expected. >> these sends a message it will react negatively but at the end of the day whether 85 billion a 70 billion that will continue maybe in a lesser fashion but they will continue on that course and that is a positive for the
7:51 pm
market over all. lou: thank you for being here. up next the scandal offthe obama lighthoose, too many to count we figure it is time to have a nickname like richard nixon and william jefferson clinton. but we will share some of your suggestions next on the "chalk talk." >> the four negative 150 the best-selling truck in america 363 ears we have one parked outside and ford will try to sell it to me. think they can do it? ready and company 9:20 a.m. eastern. alec, for this mission i upgraded yo smart phone. ♪ right. but the most importt feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem theoue miles i earned with my ventureard to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission neverappened.
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lou: your overwhelming response to find the perfect nickname goes on it has gotten so bad for this president in fact, he is passing previous names with their scandals and we're looking for a name that is the president just right. we have had funny ones that these names are terrific. we will start with barracula but to knight bungling barry and snow job. those who like latin, this one gives the imperious thought to the conduct.
7:56 pm
obamaczar barackcapone boondogglebama. barack-a-crock. some are so bad really does have to do tonight -- devote too bad ones but i thought obama been lyin'. pretty good. we should continue this element my mantra?
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